Pet Master All village List & Cost

The Pet Master All village List & Cost is the amount of money you need to complete the village. But why do you need to know this? That is a simple question. You are not a little upset when you build your village and before you finish it you can rebuild it several times because you are constantly being attacked. If you buy your district at once you are sure this will not happen. So once you know how many coins you need to build a valley you can play in until you finish your village.

Pet Master All village List & Cost

Benefits Of Pet Master All Village List & Cost

The pet master game player gets a list of the cost of social media for animals. This post shows the cost list of the main villages. The biggest benefit of the village expenditure list is only 10M coins and your village expenditure is 11M coins. You without seeing the cost of the village and complete your village but need more money of 1M. You are trying to earn 1M coins and another player invades your village to damage your village. First, look at the village expense list after you complete your village to save coins and your village.

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How would you calculate the cost of a pet village?

Pet master game are a simple rule to calculate pet master game village cost. The total number of livestock for the first animal to be multiplied by 30 times to find your pet for the total cost of the village. If you do not understand the above formula in the list below look at the cost of a pet farm.

What is the perfect time for Pet Master Game?

Many people tell me what is the best time to complete the management of pets in any village to collect additional rewards. Pet master game running "Village Rush Event" to complete any village to collect extra spins, coins, and dice reward gifts. The Village rush event doesn't work anytime and the event only works for 8 hours.

Can you calculate the cost of the village

For Coin Master there is a simple rule to calculate the cost of Coin Master Village. Just multiply the value of the first item in the last 30 lines and you have a very good rating. I tried to find a pattern in Coin Master, but I never found it. So I just looked at the amount of coins I used to build the valley. That is the cost of the Pet Master All village List & Cost. I put this in the villages I have already built (and I did not forget to write it down) in the table below. Please help me complete the list by letting me know what your village expenses are for the villages that have not yet been included.

Pet Master All Village List & Cost Information

Village Village name Village cost
1 Camping Moose 1.2M
2 Pig Farmers 2.660M
3 Chimp revolution 4.235M
4 Mountain goat climbers 16.475M
5 Mouseketeers 20.525M
6 Hippo Beach 21.675M
7 Walrus pirates 25.750M
8 Cleocatra 32.150M
9 Beaver Bob 38.7M
10 Poodle cuts 43.4M
11 Frog samurai 44.725M
12 Top dog 46.675M
13 Caesar pinguins 51.250M
14 Turtles athletics 53.225M
15 Skunk punk 58.3M
16 Saiga SciFi 60.9M
17 Armadillo Shaman 64.6M
18 The Raccoon job 69.3M
19  Fenech planes 73.725M
20  Mole library 76.525M
21  Kangaroo car mechanic 81.725M
22  Hystrix tattoo artist 87.375M
23  Nomad Camels 94.6M
24  Hyena comedy club 101M
25  Chameleon painter 107.2M
26  Bats Night club 112.5M
27  Game of horns 118.9M
28  Elephant China 121.1M
29  Hogfather 137.8M
30  Croc auto 147.5M
31  Wolf detective 160.8M
32  Capybara Psychiatrist 172 4M
33  Gorilla greenhouse 163.2M
34  Lizard route 66 192.2M
35  Voodoo possum 200.8M
36  SciFi Anteater 210.7M
37  Iguana tanning salon 227.1M
38  Mystic owl 227.4M
39  Tapir fallout 253.1M
40  Panther boxer 269.2M
41  Bear in the hood 282.6M
42  Meerkat ufologist 298.8M
43  Bull Country 320.9M
44  Koala bikers 339.6M
45  Otter school 356.3M
46  Fox duel 378.6M
47  Komodo karate 405.1M
48  Navy seals 428.4M
49  Buffalo tribe 459.1M
50  Polar bear santa 493.7M
51  Space sheep 522.8M
52  Rabbit hole 548.8M
53  Sloth pizzeria 580.6M
54  Tennis platypus 616.2M
55  Ponnicult 654.5M
56  Gopher archaeologist 692.9M
57  Dodo research 734.3M
58  Donkey market 777.8M
59  Blacksmith pangolin 817.7M
60  sabertooth caveman 866.7M
61  Monkey spa 875.8M
62  Loris clock maker 890.8M
63  Hamster minigolf 900M
64  Panda gym 990M
65  Dalai lama 1.04B
66  Zebra fashion 1.07B
67  Squirrel scout 1.12B
68  Gecko alchemist 1.19B
69  Tamarin bankers1.25B
70  Octipus chef 1.31B
71  Gold diggers 1.37B
72  Duckbill rockability 1.45B
73  Elk druid 1.52B
74  Weasel pawn shop 1.58B
75  Scottish strong bull 1.67B
76  Toad opera 1.69B
77  Flamingo beach bar 1.77B
78  Dalmation dimes 1.89B
79  Gangsta Rats 1.97B
80  Firehorse Department 2.07B
81  Turkey Thanksgiving 2.17B
82  Skydiver Squirrels 2.31B
83  Fat Cat Ninja 2.41B
84  Hedgehog Gardener 2.51B
85  Ostrich Tribe 2.67B
86  Tiger Scroll 2.73B
87  Viking Boars 2.9B
88  Dr Chickenstein 3.11B
89  Painter R 3.28B
90  Lion Excalibur 3.5B
91  Hamster Robot 3.7B
92  Tiger Circus 3.99B
93  Native Eagles 4.2B
94  Hound Hoops 4.41B
95  Space Apes 4.7B

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